Adolar bib


Adolar – Science Fiction





 Monster bib

Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 1 DE MONSTERHERBERG




Onderlanden bib

Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 2 DE ONDERLANDEN




Oom ballon bib


Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 3 OOM BALLON




 Land van bib

Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 4 HET LAND VAN FRANJE




Drakentuin bib 

Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 5 DE DRAKENTUIN




Roest bib


Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 6 ROEST IJZERVRETER




Prins bib


Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 7 DRIE DOLLE PRINSEN





Koning Leo Lawaai


Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 8 KONING LEO LAWAAI




kater jarig


Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 9 DE KATER IS JARIG







Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 10 ALEX DE GROTE






Alex en de wolpertinger – Deel 11 HEROS DE HAAS





Alex and the wolpertinger – The Monster Inn




Alex and the wolpertinger – The Downhills




Alex and the wolpertinger – Uncle Balloon



Fringe bib


Alex and the wolpertinger – The Land Of Fringe




Alex and the wolpertinger – The Dragon Garden




Alex and the wolpertinger – Rusty Iron



Peter Jonker has special gifts at his disposal. As a provoked, frightened child, he has come under the spell of master painter Poolman and his evocative, terrifying canvases. Poolman has spun gory tales about Wodan, god of the Germanic tribes, and the fearless Scandinavian berserkers. And now it seems Peter has seen the magic truth behind those sagas.



Alvader bib


Alvader – (All Father)





Dance of the Jester

Suddenly, at the end of the twenty-first century, the world changes.
The tycoons rule and name themselves kings. It Is a time of extravagance and decadence, extreme power and richness. The world is one big party.And there is chaos!



Nar bib


De Dans van de Nar




Meesterparasiet bib


De Meesterparasiet (The Master Parasite)




Toverfluit bib


De Toverfluit en andere verhalen – Kinderboek




Was eens bib


Er was eens… – Kinderboek




Grapstad bib


Grapstad  (Funtown) – Science Fiction




Heavenly Vision
A centuries old manuscript alludes to-“The Machine of Colton”, that can destroy the earth. A beautiful woman at a modern day conference, indicates she has re-created the machine on a smaller scale. Murder, mystery and intrigue, span the world, in search of the machine and the attempt to save all of mankind, not just the Rasa.




HIM (after the UFO Crash)                                                                               

Arthur Croft, a great rocket engineer, will send a special capsule into space hoping that it will be intercepted by extraterrestrial creatures. Then he commits suicide! Croft and many others who deal with space travel strongly believe that UFO’s are a reality. Jasper Froch, an American hippie, learns how to control the phenomenon of synchronicity and finds out that all kinds of coincidences lead him in a certain direction.




This strange man needs help. He is from another place in time and he is suffering from a deadly disease. Only Hector can help him – he has to travel back in time, to legendary Legio, and come back with the right medicine to save Okapi. And so Hector ends up in Legio, 10.000 years BC, and must try to survive in this crazy civilization…


Mana bib


Mana… en toen brak de hel los (Mana… And Then Hell Broke Loose)





MORTALS and GODS: The Divine Battleground Part I

Jan Fisher, an American circus artist at the end of the nineteenth century; Raga the Sardon, living on the rocks at the coast of Albis; brought together to fight for the honor of the gods! A quarrel has erupted between the two kingdoms of heaven, Encore and Ultra. With no resolution in sight, the universe faces total destruction and collapse!



Neanderthaler bib


Neanderthaler Dromen




Neanderthal Dreams

Jacques learns how to enter the world of his dreams and builds a town for himself there, stone after stone. Soon strangers pop up in his world of dreams and his real world and that of his dreams unravels when someone is murdered in this dream world and actually is found dead in a French police cell!




Nickle Dime Boulevard

They called him Rat. He came from Nickel Dime Boulevard, a shop street for the poor in the 1930’s, USA. And Rat combined his special, paranormal gifts with another young man and two young women. Together they were strong, they were able to build ‘Creatos’ – imaginary figures everyone was able to see!




Nicolaes Nimbus

A group of scientists in Germany have unmasked a cheating visionary. An intriguing phenomenon from the past turns up. Who is Nicolaes Nimbus? Is he an immortal man of flesh and blood from our ancient past?





Psychopark – Science Fiction






Saladin – The Wonder Horse
Angie, a young orphan girl who lives in the stables, looks after the horses of Lord Patrick Baltimore. When Prince John’s army is about to seize all of the Baltimore horses as a tribute, Angie runs away with one very special colt named Silver.




Saladin and Silver

In this new story Angie is far away from Nottingham and still on the run from the evil Prince John. Faithful to King Richard and never afraid of great adventures, Angie meets the oddest people – a tinker, Joe and his bear Bruto and especially the spoiled Princess Wanda, daughter of the prince, who is after her favorite horse!




Silver and the Ghost Horse

In Silver and the Ghost Horse, Book 3 of Saladin series, Angie and her wonder horse Silver plunge into another dangerous adventure when a sly counselor and a giant soldier decide to destroy the camp of Robin Hood.


The Jester of Nottingham

Prince John reigns over England now that his brother Richard Lionheart is not there. He exploits the people and wears Richard’s crown. Everyone fears this mean prince except for men like Robin Hood and girls like Angie!




The Sandman Stories

From kings to dragons, from raging knights to miserly innkeepers, from exhausted gatekeepers to timid mayors, from clowns to all sorts of animals, these stories will enable your children’s imagination and keep them thoroughly entertained.




Saladin –  Kinderboeken




Slimmetje bib


Slimmetje – Kinderboeken              




Dance jester

The Dance of the Jester
Suddenly, at the end of the twenty-first century, the world changes. The tycoons rule and name themselves kings. The times are rife with extravagance and decadence, extreme power and richness. The world is one big party. And there is chaos!




The Nibelung Gold
The end of the nineteenth century—the rich have great interest in the occult; tables dance everywhere, and ghosts speak in many a darkened room. Wolf can make or break reputations in the field of spiritism. A one-man inquisition, hunting for the truth, he makes the inexplicable explicable, or gives it the benefit of the doubt until he finally sees through the trick. When he discovers that certain phenomena seem to be real, his heart overflows with enthusiasm.



Wolf Tears

A man who has the gift to realize everything he wants simply by writing it down. A criminal master brain exerts influence over him.
Wodan (All father, Odin) rides the sky with his Army of the Death, scares the gifted boy – But…then there is a man with Berserker blood, who doesn’t fear death, and is ready to kill…



wolfstranen bib


Wolfstranen – De Gruwel van de Nar (Wolf Tears)